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Adhesive glue pen both clear and black in 1 pen

Adhesive glue pen both clear and black in 1 pen

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Butterfly glue and liner in one.  Fits all false eyelashes.  It will not be easier to attach false eyelashes. Paint a line with the eyeliner and attach the lashes immediately.

Do this

Apply Glue liner on dry and clean eyelids. Apply before applying make-up on the eyes.  Draw a line near the edge of your eyelash in the same way as you do with a regular eyeliner.  Before Glueliner has dried, you must now attach the false eyelash.  Gently press the false eyelash.  Repeat on the other eye. If you use the transparent Glueliner, you can now apply colored eyeliner on top if you want.

Keep out of reach of children. Be careful not to get the product in the eye. Do not use it if you are suffering from eye inflammation or conjunctivitis.

available both black and clear 

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